A picture is worth a thousand words!

PicMix is an exciting social network centered on sharing pictures with your friends and the world. It has a very active community and a gorgeous user interface that makes browsing and sharing your favorite photos a cinch. For FREE!


If you want a new place to share your photos, this app is worth exploring.

PicMix - Download the app to make your pics virals!


Though this social network hinges on the app, there’s a Web component, as well. You can sign up with either and see the same pictures on both.

The nifty part about the app is that you don’t need to sign in to view other people’s pictures. Many of the millions of photos already uploaded to PicMix are free to the public, meaning you can browse the app’s contests, popular boards, and creative user base without signing up. There are even a few celebrities and brands on the social network, as well.

PicMix - Download the app to make your pics virals!

Once you sign up, you can invite your friends and share any photo via your Android smartphone or tablet. Sharing is just as easy as browsing, but some of your uploads will get watermarked unless you use some of the app’s credit to remove it.

PicMix - Download the app to make your pics virals!

However, there are plenty of easy ways to unlock more credits inside of the app, which might annoy some people, but it’s worth putting up with for all of the pictures you get to see with this app.

Since PicMix has a stylish menu to boot, it stands tall as one of the best mobile-first social networks. This app’s active but smaller community of users is a welcome change from giants like Facebook and Twitter and still allows you to share with all of your friends.

PicMix - Download the app to make your pics virals!


But there are a lot of more things you can do! Let us show you! Here you have the list:

  • PHOTO CONTEST: Join regularly held photo contest! Your selfie or your style can win you lots of actual prizes, from smartphones to a concert ticket! The ONLY apps with photo contest that gives you real prizes!
  • VISUAL TAGGING: Tag what matters in your photo! Tag your friends, Tag your favorite brands, Tag your fashion, Tag your mood, Tag your pets, Tag your new hair… in fact, with PicMix you can Tag everything! On the other hand, you should know that you can  find out what Tag is trending and make your own pic about it.
  • FILTERS: +30 Photo Effects. Enhance your photos with our selection of photo effects, each will bring different mood and feels.
  • PHOTO COLLAGE: combine two or thirty photos in one collage frame! For instance, you can make a #30dayselfie into one image or simply show your three different pose in one image. Easy and Fun!
  • PHOTO FRAME: PicMix app has hundreds of fancy and uniquely designed frame to choose for every occasion: love frame for valentine, scary frame for halloween, magazine frame, branded frame and many others! new frames added regularly from our lovely design team.
  • CUSTOM COLLAGE FRAME: PicMix is a complete app as we told you in the review so you should know that you can create your own frame too. The only thing you have to do is dragging the border between the frame and adjust it the way you like.
  • STICKERS: add stickers to make your photo even funnier: sunglasses, bunny head, popping eyes, funny characters, and all the things you can imagine.
  • BE FAMOUS: make the best photo, get featured in POPULAR section, instantly get hundreds and thousands follower and be FAMOUS. This kind of things can happen with PicMix!
  • SOCIAL: share your photo to Path, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and KakaoTalk. Make all your friends to know about your artistic works!
  • PICMIX MALL: another feature that this app has it the latest heavy discount on favorite item from various online stores, enjoy shopping!

PicMix - Download the app to make your pics virals!









Easy Interfaz


    Mix your pics


      Win Prizes


        Make your pics virals!


          Send private pictures



            • Mix your pics
            • Win Prizes
            • Tag your Friends
            • Make your pic viral
            • Great filters


            • Not too much security
            • Messy

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