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What do you think when you think about video sharing websites? Of course, YouTube. YouTube app is available for free for all compatible mobile operating systems and the service is available for free too. You can download YouTube app for relevant app stores for free and it is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Microsoft Store.


YouTube app is available for several different mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Although the developing team has done their best to keep things simple and straight yet you might find little differences in different versions of YouTube app for different operating systems and device models.

YouTube can be used in different devices

‘A World of Apps’ introduces you into the world of YouTube

YouTube will come naturally to your mind when someone talk about video because it is, indeed,the first video share site, but it has become the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winning video sharing site through a clever mix of functionality and community.

YouTube isn’t just an American favorite, it is the most popular throughout the world. Its popularity is just one clue that YouTube is the best video sharing site out there.

In fact, YouTube’s take on video sharing and creating a community, has influenced the way that most other video sharing sites work.

The best part about YouTube is being able to watch videos, any video, without being a member, but the real strength of YouTube is the community members that interact, comment, and post videos for specific interests, and, of course, where you can have your own channel and be famous. Perhaps the most telling effect of YouTube’s video sharing formula is the fact that YouTube has gone from being the star to creating stars.

In the YouTubers worlds, it is possible to find a video on YouTube for any interest, occupation, hobby or pastime, along with a lot of other videos that anybody can love.

YouTubers are famous on internet

‘A World of Apps’ wants to show you how to use YouTube

Things you should know about the app

As we told you, the app is totally free but the interfaz for iOS and Android versions are totally different to the official YouTube website you already know. However, do not get scared of this fact because both apps, no matter of which system are you using, are really easy to use. Besides, as soon as the you switch on the app in your device, the app YouTube will  teach you how to use YouTube app within minutes by really cozy steps.

Things you can do with YouTube

  • Make your own playlist.
  • Subscribe to your favourite channel of YouTube.
  • Access to any playlist in YouTube.
  • Make your own channel available for all over the world.
  • You can make a ‘Whatch later’ playlist.
  • YouTube will choose for you the most suitable content for you in the main page.
YouTube is a cool app

‘A World of Apps’ introduces you into the world of YouTube

Why YouTube is so famous?

YouTube became so big because it was the first site to make video sharing easy, and it still makes it easy with new innovations and handy features. Combine that with one of the biggest video libraries in the world and it’s easy to see why YouTube is the best.

If you are looking for ways to make your own videos, check out the rankings of the best channels in order to get some ideas and start it! We hope to see you soon in YouTube!

YouTube can be used in different devices

‘A World of Apps’ introduces you into the world of YouTube















            • Social: share the videos
            • Make lists
            • Playlist
            • Read Later


            • You can't download videos
            • You can't download music
            • Very restrictive

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