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The first Free Chat Messenger of BlackBerry now, FOR ALL DEVICES!

Blackberry released an official BBM (Blackberry Messenger) app for IOS and Android some months ago in an attempt to reunite the once-popular messaging service. So BlackBerry is finally bringing its BlackBerry Messenger app to Android and IOS. And, of course, for FREE!


The feature, which has been exclusive to BlackBerry since its inception, allows messaging between BlackBerry users using their individual BlackBerry usernames. The latest iteration of BB Messenger includes a host of new features including voice chat and screen sharing.

The BBM mobile app is free to download, which likely prompted many nostalgic users who had switched to other platforms to give the messaging service a second chance. Blackberry Messenger debuted as a built-in feature for Blackberry handsets, allowing users to send instant messages without using up cellular data. BBM users have unique PIN codes that are used to reach one another, and texting addicts can use the service to send emoticons, pictures, and voice notes.

'A World of Apps' wants to show you how to use BBM BlackBerry

‘A World of Apps’ wants to show you how to use BBM BlackBerry

Without touching your phone you can:

– See from whom a new message is and read it – while loading grocery bags into the back of your car;

– Review and accept invites from would-be BBM contacts while on the go;

– Flip through several messages to find that one with the address you’re looking for – while carrying a coffee;

– Pick from a list of pre-defined messages to quickly send a response – while in a meeting (or class 😉 );

– Use your voice and Google Now to respond to messages hands-free.


Users will also be able to discover new channels, view profiles for each channel they follow and subscribe to channels to immediately update them about new posts. BBM Channel also brings in a social media function, allowing users to like and comment on posts made in channels to which they subscribe. A monitoring option will also allow channel moderators to check up on user engagement and interaction.

How to use your BBM in Android and iOS?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Download BBM for iPhone or Android Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.48.19 PM
  3. Sign up for the waiting list with your e-mail address. You will receive an email once you are eligible to use the app at which point you’ll want to relaunch the app and repeat this step.BBM BlackBerry
  4. Once you are approved, select “NEXT”.BBM BlackBerry
  5. Select ‘Create Blackberry ID’. If you already have one, select “Sign In” and skip to step number 7.BBM BlackBerry
  6. Enter a username, password, recovery question, country and date of birth in the respective fields.BBM BlackBerry
  7. Write down your BBM PIN for future reference and select “Continue”.BBM BlackBerry
  8. Invite any existing contacts via PIN, text or e-mail.BBM BlackBerry
  9. Go to “Contacts” and select the person you’d like to BBM with.BBM BlackBerry
  10. Use the on-screen keyboard to chat away. From here, you can attach pictures, add a voice note and invite more contacts to the chat.BBM BlackBerry



Do you want to customize your BBM Profile but you don’t know how, here you have the steps you have to follow!

  1. Select your username in the main screen, that the top.
  2. Select the text box to change your username.
  3. Select the photo icon to change your picture.

And that’s all!

We hope you enjoy a lot!

BBM BlackBerry

BBM BlackBerry

Send Messages FREE


    Encrypting Messages


      Limited to BlackBerry


        No Stickers


          Kind of difficult to use



            • FREE Messages
            • Encrypting Messages


            • Takes too much downloading it
            • Limited to BlackBerry people
            • No Stickers
            • No intuitive interfaz

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