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Waiting for a taxi

Waiting for a taxi can be very inconvenient. Sometimes, the waiting time for a drive is unbelievable long. Although, China has heaps of cabs, there are just as much people that want to take a taxi. This means: Going can often be more fast than driving. 😀

Good news: Uber now offers the most convenient solution for all taxi passengers.


Order your drive with Uber

Order your drive with Uber

Ordering a drive with Uber is easy. You just need to choose your current location and your destination. Soon you´ll receive a picture of the driver as well as some vehicle information. On the map, you can track your driver in real-time and watch how the car is coming closer.

Paying is easy as well: Credit card or PayPal are options. You don´t need to tip. Of course, you can also pay with cash. A receipt will be sent to you by mail. At your destination you just stepp off and that´s it.

Subsequently, an anonymous feedback will help to make every drive an excellent experience.


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Uber – Instructions


Order your drive

As soon as you are ready for your order, choose your current location and tip „Order“. Use the estimation for fare function, in order to clearify the approxiamte price.

Type your destination

Once you have put in the adress / name of your destination, you´ll see the route and arrival time.


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Driver´s information

Before your driver arrives, you´ll receive the name and a photo of your driver, of the car and the mark. This will ensure, that you get into the right car.

Uber People

Divide the fare

How often have you advanced money on loan and didn´t get it back?

With Uber you can directly divide the fare with your fare. Your friends just also need to have a Uber account. The function „divide fare“ makes things easier.

Share your time of arrival

To share your time of arrival with friends and family members is also beneficial in terms of security. With the Uber App you can send them a link to your driving route. It´s very convenient: They can track your route and thereby will know when you arrive.


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Choose between the Uber car types

Economy car

Economy: With those drives you´ll reach your destination safe and comfortable.

Premium: Whether for business or pleasure: With those luxurious vehicles you will make an excellent impression.

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Barrier-free: Drives for wheelchair-users or for kids that need a child´s seat.


Car pool

Car Pool: Share your drive with people that have the same direction.

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