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Las Vegas

„Winner, winner, chicken dinner! There it is. Thank you. God, I love this town. I love this game. And, Jim, I might even love you.“ (Ben Campbell)

Some of you may know this quote of Ben Campbell – the Blackjack player – of the movie 21 that takes place in Las Vegas. Las Vegas: The city of lights, the city of gambling and the city of winning all or nothing. One is sure „What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“.

The story of Ben Campbell and the group of MIT students counting cards at Blackjack is a story of success.

One could think that gambling is easy. Let´s just imitate Ben Campbell and his friends. Truth: It´s not that easy, as one may guess.


Remember the song of The Overtones:

My odds are stacked, I´ve never been a gambling man, I´ve never had the winning hand, but for you I´d lose it all.

Is gambling an inhereted ability or has everybody the potential to become a professional gambler?

While The Overtones may give you some more advice on how to win a woman´s heart, here you will be offered some hints about how to be successful in a casino.


How to become a successful casino player



1. Know the game 

First, you should have fun while playing a game in an online or real casino. Therefore, choose a game you know and what you can enjoy while playing. This will increase your chances to win and will be even more fun.

2. Set a loss limit

Define your budget and set your personal loss limit. Ask yourself: What can I afford loosing on money for one day? Your session should end, when your loss limit is reached. Game should be over for that day. With a loss limit you won´t go bankrupt. You should always focus on minimizing losses.

3. Set a win goal

A win goal is equally important as a loss limit. Otherwise you are endangered to loose your win. Set your win goal before your first bet. When you start winning you can continue as long as you are still winning or till you reach your break-even point. Important: Always separate your winning pile from your starter pile.

 Plan of success


4. Win, stop and go home

The biggest enemy of humans is greed. Greed makes people stop thinking logical. They start making dumb bets. Greed can end in a disaster. Imagine: You start winning, you start becoming high-spirited. You are greedy and more willing to take risks. You continue playing. Suddenly, you start loosing. You don´t want to accept that loss. „All-or-nothing“ is deeply anchored in your head. Greed leads. You are overambitious and after a sudden you encounter nothing. You leave with nothing. To prevent this scenario, obey this adivce: „Win, stop and go home.“ It is pretty important to stop in the right moment and to overcome the humans greed. This is the only way to leave the field as a proud winner.

Money Management


5. Practice good money management

Money management is an essential part of being a successful gambler. It is the ability to control, manage, preserve and build the financial resources you have started with. Every bet should be predetermined. Emotion, guessing and gut instinct are not leading to success. Bets are better be built on logic and calculation.


Your online gambling career


Man playing traditional game

Let´s start with Karamba – win real money

Let the good times roll, let the great world spin and lets have some fun. Karamba is one of the leading online real money casinos. It offers more than 200 games. Karamba is considered to be an all-round casino, which lays importance on the fun factor. Digital entertainment is Karamba´s passion. The online casino establishes a party atmosphere and the users are always accompanied by the Karamba mascot: The Karamba bird, which is a nameless parrot yet.

 Welcome to Karamba


The life of Karamba – Celebrate the day with amazing games and bonuses

Karamba offers different types of games. Users can choose from popular video slots, new slots, instant games and casino games. They always make sure to offer the newest games. Therefore, new Netent games are released every single month. Good to know: Netent is the leading provider of gaming solutions to the worlds most successful online casino operators.

Besides, Karamba provides a wide range of bonuses and promotions. New costumers receive an up to $200 welcome bonus as well as 100 free spins.  Additionally, Karamba´s VIP program rewards casino players for their loyalty with cash back for life, extra free spins as well as unique and private promotions. It is even possible to get a personal account manager and a faster withdrawal process. With Karamba, casino players can have a party from day one.



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            • Karamba bird is nameless

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