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Kodak Moments


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Stories grab us. Experiences grab us. Pictures grab us.

It´s like going on a journey and entering a new world. A world where everything can be possible. A world without borders, where imagination is predominating. Stories can accelerate interpersonal connection. They make possible that people get connected faster to each other by sharing their experience and passion. With passionate stories and pictures you can capture, direct and sustain the attention of others.

Pictures grab us

It doesn´t matter if you are twenty or sixty. It doesn´t matter if you come from Europe, Asia or America. Pictures connect people all over the world and they have a big potential to inspire. Illustrations make stories alive and they feed our imagination.

For sure, everybody has heard about this quote:

“A picture´s worth a thousand words.”

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Kodak moments – Visual Storytelling

Tell your story

Every Kodak moment tells a story. With the Kodak App, User get the opportunity to tell their own story by publishing photos with beautiful created comments. It´s more: You do not only capture the moment, you also can share it and tell your own story, that you will remember forever. With whom you share your moment? You can share your photos with friends, family and everybody else who is interested in your meaningful memories. With Kodak you also can find inspiration by people that you are following and by moments that appear in your social feed. On top: It gets also possible to share the pictures on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.


Kodak – Freeze the moment and make it last forever

Lasting moment

Every moment is precious. With Kodak you can make it last forever and share it with a whole lot of peoople. You don´t even have to leave the Kodak App, because it is possible to access the phone´s camera directly in the app. After a good shot, you can pimp up the picture with creative filters, editing and layout tools. Thereby a moment will appear more vivid.
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Kodak printing – Collect memories in your photo album

Collect memories

With Kodak, you can create your print order right in the app. With the application, it is also very easy to directly connect to a KODAK Picture Kiosk, where you can print your favourite photos within minutes. You can decide, whether you want the printed products to be delivered or whether you prefer to collect them at the same day at your local retail store. Such print products are also beautiful gifts for birthdays, graduations or other special events.


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Printing process




      Editing tools


        connection to social media platforms


          Storytelling and Inspiration



            • inspire people and get inspired
            • share photos
            • create individual photo gifts
            • order prints in the app


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