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You are looking for an internship? You have recently graduated? You are looking for other job opportunities? The competition on the job market is fierce. Day by day, companies receive hundreds of applications. The first aim of the applicants is to get an invitation for a job interview. By achieving this first step, applicants have to manage to shine out of the crowd. Due to the high number of applicants, an application has to be individual, convincing and faultless. To achieve the first step of a job application process, make sure to pay attention to the eight ingredients for a successful job application. Use the job application as a chance to convince your employer that you are suitable for the offered position. Make yourself interesting and thereby encourage the company to want to meet you.



Eight ingredients for a successful job application


1. Research – Know the company



To illustrate your interest in the company, it is necessary to get as much information from the website as possible. Read the companies web page, pay attention to „About us“ pages, do some research about competitors and important issues that the company might be facing. In general, you should have a good understanding of what the company is doing, where it came from and where the company wants to go. Showing a deep understanding of the company is a sure way to impress the hiring manager and to get an invitation for a job interview.


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2. Underline: Why do you want to work for that company?


Working in a team

Why do you want to work for our company? This is one of the most common questions in an interview but also in an application hiring managers are looking for such an answer in your cover letter. It goes hand in hand with your motivation for that job. It is always useful to underline that you share the companies mission and that you would love to be a part of it. Show your passion for what the company is doing and make clear that the job for which you are applying is the perfect position for you.


3. Present relevant skills and information tailored to the company


Building plan

When writing a cover letter, focus on your specific skills that fit to the job description and that meet the companies needs. You should mention relevant accomplishments, experiences and qualifications that focus on the job at hand. This may include previous jobs, organisations or volunteer work. Showing how you acquired these skills will increase your authenticity. Additionally, you could explain how you want to use them to make a successful impact in the company. Your skillset should illustrate that you are more qualified than other applicants.


4. Show academic and personal ability


Academic & personal abilllity

In order to be invited to a job interview, you have to distinguish yourself from your competitors. On the one hand it is important to show your academic ability to succeed in your potential job role. On the other hand, you shouldn´t underestimate the value of your personality. Therefore it is useful to mention your soft skillset.  Are you a good teamplayer? Do you have leadership skills? Are you ambitious? Teamplaying, fast learning and hard working are popular characteristics with which you have good chances to almost get any position you wish. Often your extra-curricular activities will give hiring managers a hint in the candidate as a person. Candidates with interesting personalities and a drive to succeed will always have good chances in an application process.


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5. References



References increase the credibility of your academic and personal abilities. They are objective and written by a thrid person, which already got to know your style of working. You can provide references from past employers, teachers, past extra-curricular activities etc. It depends on the job role whether you should convey a mix of professional and character references.


6. Be convincing


Be convincing
A convincing application will be your entry card to a job interview. Before you submit the application, make sure you clearly illustrated why you are the right person to succeed in the offered job. Be positive about your abilities and underline your strengths. Show that you like to learn new things and that you aim to push yourself out of the comfort zone.


7. Style – clear, positive & concise


Writing an application

Your application should be written in a friendly and at the same time energetic and enthusiastic manner. Therefore you can use power verbs such as ‘achieved’ and ‘inspired’. Additionaly, descriptive words like ‘effective’, ‘consistent’ give a deeper insight in your personality. Focus on the questions asked in the job description instead of being too vague. This also will show that you´re a self-confident and focussed person. Moreover, ensure that you apply an appropriate language that fits to the job position. In general an application for a position in investment is more formal, than one for a creative work. But make sure to always be clear, positive and concise in your language.


8. Proofreading



Before sumbitting your application, you should check the document for grammar, spelling or presentation errors. Pay attention to detail and ask for feedback by a family member or friend.


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