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Where to find the perfect boyfriend? 


Friends Talk

Hanni: Robert really suits to my ideas of a perfect boyfriend.

Giulia: What is so special about him?

Hanni: He is good looking, ambitious, intelligent, empathic. Short: He really got me.

Giulia: How good to hear. Do you think, he feels the same?

Hanni: Hmm…We are still dating and we didn´t talk about love yet.

Giulia: Yeah. It´s better to first get to know each other better. Where did you get to know Robert?

Hanni: (flushing) From Flirchi.

Giulia: What´s that?

Hanni: It´s an online dating app, where you can meet people, chat with them and if you´re lucky date them.

Giulia: Mad world. Why isn´t it possible to get to know people in real life? Isn´t it sad, that we all stop flirting face to face? I have the impression, that the whole society starts searching for someone online. Where is our self-confidence to speak to someone in a bar, a restaurant or in a park?

Hanni: Giulia it´s unneccessary that you feel upset about that. There are many advantages of online-dating. Maybe you should read something about it, what do you think?

Giulia: Well, let me have a look.


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…………………………………………….. your love life feels like a big break. Actually, you are happy with your life. You are independent, successful in your job, your friends are gorgeous. You are free and you can do whatever you want to. Every experience is allowed. No justification for nothing.

Ok stopp. Are you really that happy? Or is there a deep and unsaid desire inside? Wouldn´t it be better to share your life with a special person that has a special place in your heart. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to experience what real love means to you. With a second person in your life, you will discover yourself from a different side. That´s for sure.

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Spring fever – ready for a kick start?


Kissing couple

It´s spring, the weather is getting better, people are more active and outgoing. Everybody seems to smile more and feels happier. The popular spring fever is coming and people are getting ready for a new love adventure.

In short: Spring is the perfect time to make a new start. You want to meet new people? You are searching for an interesting date? Online dating is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams. More and more people are searching via the internet or mobile apps for a partner. Approximately seven million people are registrated in online contact markets. Searching for a partner in the web is socially accepted unlike Giulia thinks.


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Why are online discovery networks so popular?

The answer is easy. In short: Because it works. Acccording to surveys, 25 per cent of all people that are searching for a partner, find one via the Internet. An online discovery network such as Flirchi provides good possibilities to find a new partner and to meet interesting and like-minded people.


What are the advantages of online dating?


 1. Anonymity


Anonymity is a big advantage of online dating. You can decide on your own, how much others know about you. You don´t risk being bombed by phone calls or text messages, if you decide to stop the contact to someone. It´s simple: You just don´t react anymore.
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2. Time flexibility

Time flexibility

Whether day or night. To each time of the day, you can search for new contacts and chat with new people. Searching for a partner fits in your mobile lifestyle and you can do it whenever it suits you: Equal if you are waiting for the bus, sitting bored in a presentation or going to bed. Good to know: If you appear interesting tosomeone, you normally will receive an answer pretty fast.

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3. Every Jack will find his Jill

Every Jack will find his Jill

Through online discovery networks it is made easier to get to know a wide range of people. Such networks can reach many people that may be your potential partner. The chances to find a match in an online discovery network is statistically higher than finding a match on the street. And soon you will find your Jack or Jill.


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4. Establishing contacts is made easier

Establishing contacts

Via web it is easier to overcome the own inhibitions. Therefore it is easier, to establish contacts to others and to flirt with them. Of course, this will increase the chance to find someone. Especially those people who are shy, will overcome own barriers more easy. They can practice how to flirt and establish contacts.


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 5. Meet interesting people

Meet interesting people

It´s not compulsory, that you have to find your prince or princess charming. You can search for people with the same interests; people that do the same sport or have the same hobbies. Of course if you want to, you can simply do some flirting.


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Hanni: So Giulia, what do you say? Still skeptical?

Giulia: Hmm, I would say let´s try it out and see what happens. Maybe I was a bit too old-fashioned in my opinion. But can you explain the Flirchi app a bit more detailed to me please?

Hanni: Ok. Flirchi is a social media and dating app. You can create your own profile and discover new people. You directly get the opportunity to get in touch with each other via chat. Flirchi has an impressive network. Millions of people from all over the world are registered and constantly building up their relationships on Flirchi.

Giulia: Hahaha maybe I will find my Mr. Perfect on Flirchi 😀

Hanni: I´m sure, but pay attention to some precious tricks.

Love is a game


Tipps for a more successful online profile

  1. Use a nice profil picture
  2. Don´t hesitate to contact someone
  3. Pay attention to spelling and grammar
  4. Be optimistic, positive and open-minded
  5. Know what you want and what you expect from the other gender
  6. Don´t waste your time, if you think someone is not interesting for you
  7. Don´t take everything personal – dating is a game


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Social discovery dating


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        • big choice can be hard

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