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Ten entertaining facts about soccer

 Playing soccer

  1. The game soccer was founded by prisoners in London´s famous Newgate prison in the early 1800s. The prisoners had their hands cut off because of crimes of theft. Therefore, they invented a game, where only the feets were needed.


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  1. Known as „soccer“ in the U.S. and as „football“ in the rest of the world, the game originally was called „basket-ball“. The first goals were overturned wicker baskets.
  1. Brazilian soccer legend Pelé actually is named Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He took the nickname Pelé due to his six toes on each foot. Good to know: Pelé means „six feet“.

Soccer legend Pelé

  1. 1919 – 1921: The first American professional soccer league, the USSA took place. Players were paid 35-cents for every goal.
  1. The original World Cup consisted of papier- mâché. It has been replaced after heavy rains at the 1950 World Cup.

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  1. Soccer balls have a slight oval-shape. The checkered board pattern create a visual illusion of a perfect shape.

Soccer shoe

  1. In an average soccer game, a professional player runs up to 13 kilometers.
  1. Soccer was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.

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  1. 1994 – 1998: The English Premier League had red, yellow and teal cards. The teal card was used for possible fouls that needed to be reviewed by instant replay.
  1. Due to a U.S. study a soccer player just can tolerate 1550 headers. Otherwise, they are endangered to face a concussion.


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