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Why learning English is important: Seven reasons


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 Changing of the guards

When you think of learning an other language, English is probably the language that comes to your mind first. It´s always present: In the private and professional area. There are many reasons for learning English. Let´s hope that they are strong enough to motivate you.


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1. 330 millions of reasons for learning English

330 millions des raisons

English is spoken in Great-Britain, in Ireland, in North-America, Australia and New-Zealand. In total, there are more than 330 millions of  native speaker.

2. English as lingua franca

L´anglais - la lingua franca

Additionally to the mother-tongue speaker, English is also very common in more than 50 other countries. According to estimations, more than 1.5 billions of people speak English as a second language. Moreover, where English is not the official second language, there are always people that speak English. They will help you for sure.

Whether at work, in holidays or while reading instructions for use: English will definitely help.


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3. Watch movies in the original version  

Version originale

Many movies and songs are produced in English. Admittedly, the productions are translated in many languages but you will be able to appreciate the performance of a singer or actor more, when watching in English. For example, many wordplays get lost during a translation process.


4. Lots of learning material 

Matériel didactique

Those who are motivated to learn English, will find an unlimited selection of learning material. The reason for that can be found in the worldwide dominance of the English language. There are heaps of movies and series, music, audio books, applications or information brochures. It´s pretty hard to find something where you will not read any word in English.


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5. A leader in the field of technique

Un leader dans la technique

English is the language of technique and it dominates the Internet. People that can speak this language have a big advantage, as they also have better chances when searching for a job. As the Internet connects people, it is more easy to get in touch with each other and to learn from one another. 


6. Better job perspectives


Everyone, who is able to speak English, can travel and work in nearly every country. As the language dominates the technique and start-up scene many captivating jobs are waiting. 


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7. Simple


English is very simple to learn. The grammar is not difficult and you don´t have to conjugate the verbs or decline the nouns. 


Learn English with little movies– ABA English

Have the reasons for learning English been convincing? Are you ready and motivated to learn that wide-spread language? Start with ABA English. It´s more than just an application for learning English. Discover the single course where a teacher helps you to reach your goals.

Download ABA English and start speaking.


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