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Eleven benefits of playing games

11 Benefits of playing games


1. Improve Problem-solving skills

Playing strategic or role-playing games may help to improve our problem-solving and strategy development skills. In order to reach the next level or another goal for more success in the game, gamers need to find creative ways of how to solve the next challenge.


 2. Increase attention

Increase attention

Games are often full of action. A game has constantly changing environments. Intense focus is required. This can be supported by a study, that shows that surgeons who are playing games tend to make a 32 per cent fewer errors than their non-gaming colleagues.


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3. Develop leadership skills

Leadership skills

Boost your career with gaming: Many games reward and encourage leadership traits. For example you have to care for a community or secure their safety. Research has shown, that players are likely to correlate those traits in their real-world. Moreover, gaming needs you to improvise sometimes. This also will improve your flexibility in your daily-life and even in office.


4. Built interest for history

Interest for history

In many games historical events take place. Therefore, historical characters and places may encourage players to learn more about the culture, they´re involved in.


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5. Make decisions faster

Make decisions faster

Often time pressure in games occurs. Therefore, a gamer needs to develop speed in the decision making process. Studies also show that playing games may increase creativity.


 6. Slow aging process

Slow aging process

Gaming keeps you mentally fit and slows your aging process. Games that obtain problem-solving, memory or puzzle components especially have a positive impact on older players. A study has shown that just 10 hours of play increase the cognitive function of participants that are 50 or older.


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7. Ease pain

Ease pain

People can distract themselves from pain by paying more attention to something else. But it´s even more than just simple distraction. According to research, biochemical changes occur when somebody enters the full virutal-reality environment. This reduces signals in areas of the brain that are associated with pain.


8. Social connections

Leisure activity

Gamers are antisocial: This is a common prejudice. Acutally, the opposite is true. Many multi-player games have created a new form of socializing. Here, players work together to solve problems. Additionaly, 70 percent of all players play with friends. Therefore, gaming can be characterised as a popular leisure activity between friends.


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9. Slim down

Slim down

Good news for all that indulge themselves too often.Instead of indulging in overeating, smoking or drinking, you should choose a game. A study has proven that the desire for those habits of indulgence will be reduced after playing. Moreover, you don´t have time to eat, smoke or drink while playing a game. 😉


10. Reduce stress

Virtual reality

You had a long and stressful day at uni, work or somewhere else? During a game, you can immerse yourself in a new virtual reality and forget about all the daily hectic around you. This means, games help to slow down and make you feel more relaxed afterwards.


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11. The key to resilience

The key to resilience

Playing video games improves more than just the players mood. Especially, people can learn to be more resilient in terms of failure. Players discover a way to cope with ongoing failure in games. An effect of that is emotional resilience which also can be transferred to the everyday live



Legends of Honor – Defend your own castle

Defend your own castle

Legends of Honor takes place in the medieval world, where survival and prosperity are the preserves of the strong. As a lord of a castle the goal is to build your own castle and make it prosper. Mighty combatants will fight against other sovereignities of Legends of Honor.

Legends of Honor combines quick-fire, tactical combat and strategic building. Additionally, players should develop their game wisely and attack quickly. Otherwise it will be hard to defend the own castle. Speed is considered to decide about success or failure.

Strategic battle with a team

Legends of Honor enables you to build strategic alliances with people from all over the world. With combined strengths it will also be easier to triumph in PvP battles that are dominating the medieval landscape.


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Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

strategic castle building


    fast-paced action


      playing area



        • 3D world map
        • built powerful alliances
        • customize medieval castle


        • requires Internet connection

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