Cuddly TV – The cutest critters by far

The cutest critters by far


Hello. Hello. My name is Tom. My name is Tom. I am funny. I am funny.

Supposedly you are wondering why the wording above is always repeated.
Know why? It´s talking Tom.


Talking Tom

Have yo ever heard about him?


Here comes Tom …

Talking Tom is a special cat. He´s a talking phenomenon you can have lots of fun with.
He will repeat you in every word while his voice is so funny that you directly will burst into big laughter.


Fun times with Tom


Enjoy your time with Tom. You can try to make him angry and watch his funny reaction or even give him a bit of love by cuddling Tom.

Care for your friend and feed him. Make Tom happy and surprise him with his favourite food. For more fun, you can even give him some spicy chilies to watch his reaction. Also try out handing him some ice cream and wait for a cold surprise.

For sure: Talking Tom promises hours of fun.

What Tom thinks about himself? „I´m the leader of the gang. The alpha cat. I´m the big picture guy.“

In times you need more self-confidence, Tom will definitely push you. 😉


Tom – the leader of the gang 

Tom and his gang

Meet Toms friends to rise your level of fun to a maximum. Talking Angela, Ben, Ginger and Hank are an unmistakable combination that just will end in lots of fun and exciting adventures.

Right on cue video: Have you heard of Cuddle TV? This is related to Talking Tom.

Cuddle TV provides heaps of videos ready for download with the cutest critters by far.

Those videos are entertaining, short and will definitely improve your daily mood.

Share them with your friends and bring a smile to their faces.


Cutest critters

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  1. emihle says:

    I love tom and when I watch tom I became happy

  2. kat_noah says:

    He is the most amazing cat,I enjoy playin’ the game and I am spending much time on it…yeah!I know I’m old enough for it,buh i just like the game

    Thank you! Cuddly TV

  3. bianca says:

    I love tom

  4. Marivalda says:

    Quero tanta esta esto no meu telefone mais não consigo

  5. Angwl says:

    Lv those poly

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