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How to trigger mutual attraction – Seven important dream lover characteristics


1. Good looking

Good looking man

„Character matters over the visual nature.“ Many people tend to say such things.

Well, they´re right and wrong at the same time.
Appearance can be described as the stiumuls for a rising interest for someone. Would you ask somebody out for a date, of whom you think, he or she is ugly? Probably not. Admittedly, this is pretty superficial. You could miss out the most charismatic and charming person ever. But that´s how it is, appearance comes first. People must find themselves attractive in the first instance, otherwise they would not start dating.
Moreover, people want to show their girl- or boyfriend off. They want to be proud of their partner. Additionally, a good look might state something about you as a person.
Associations such as disciplined, well-tended and self-confident are likely to arise.


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2. Character

Construction Site

Wow, your partner is crazy good-looking. Perfect genes, gifted by god.

BUT: The character is a big construction site.

This shows, that people not just fall in love with somebody for their sexiness or good looking. When it comes to a relationship, character is an essential influent factor. Determined people that have a warm heart, that are likable and relaxed will be perceived as better by their potential partner. What is absolutely not sexy? Talking bad about others, being arrogant and filling hours with talking about your infinite number of strengths.


3. Intelligence


In terms of love, we probably all pursue the same aims: We want to have fun. We want to have a good time with each other, filled with lots of good and enjoyable conversations. Life should become better with your partner, than it anyways is.
Good conversations need substance: Intelligence. Foolishness is totally not attractive.


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4. Attention


Most important finding of the day: It´s not always about you. It´s rather important to pay particular attention to your beloved partner. Everybody wants to feel, that he or she matters for the other person. Besides some attention, we like to get surprised, valued and want to be taken for serious.


5. Security

Mutual trust

In order to establish a trustful relationship to each other the topic security is very important. People must make sure that they can trust in each other as well as talk about their secrets. To clearify: Nobody must tell family or friends about intern conversations. Also in terms of fights, not every little dispute should be transferred to third parties. Self-discipline is needed.


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6. The high art – Lover and friend

High art - Lover and friend

A good combination of being a lover and friend at the same time, has lots of potential for a longlasting relationship. This is the high art and comes very close to the dream lover.
Are we successful in our job and lovable at home? Can we talk about dirty fantasies and about everything else, without getting condemnd? Can we go for a beer after a romantic dinner? Can we simply talk about silly stuff?

If so, this will definitely be the perfect mix. Your future partner, will most likely go with you everywhere: Cinema, holiday and probably also in the joint future.


7. Authenticity

Be authentic

Be authentic and you will win. Otherwise the relationship will come to an end very fast. Additionally, it is very stressful to be somebody else. You are probably not the best actor to play another person for too long. Be confident with yourself. Be proud of what you did and be happy. The partner will definitely enjoy your company much more. The happier persons are with their own life, the better their relation will be. Both partners have to be confident with their own lifes before connecting with one another.


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Being a dream lover can be easy

Dreams can come true

To sum up: Pretty, intelligent, eloquent, equipped with a good character, sensitive while paying particular attention to the other one – eh voilá, completed is the dream lover.



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Remember what Forrest Gump said? “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you´re gonna get.”













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