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What do you think about the U.S. presidential elections? What do you suggest for slowing down the melting ice in Greenland? China´s industry is booming, don´t you think we should ….Hunger in Africa….Digitalization…Globalization…Education…

Stop. You feel threatened by all those topics? You are unsure what to think about those themes? Your knowledge about news is small and could be extended? You wish you had the ability to discuss those topics in a big round? But when you´re out with friends, you simply cannot discuss political themes because of missing knowledge. In the consequence, you simply sit there like a grey mouse and hope for a fast topic change.


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Don´t miss out anymore – Why reading the news matters

Admittedly, this is not a comfortable situation. However, you comfortably may change this current state pretty easy.

Reading the news definitely will bring you some knowledge growth. You finally will be able to build your own opinion and to dive into deep discussions with friends and family. By the way, a wider knowledge will also increase your job chances.

Newsrepublic – the new kid on the block

Personalized news

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Newsrepublic is a news app, with all the relevant and current announcements.
It´s considered to be the most relevant news app, with news from hundred of trusted sources. More than 1650 high-graded provider of daily newspapers, news-magazines,, news-sites and blogs can be found in one app.
Thereby, the news are curated to your interests. The app claims to have an advanced algorithm with semantic and learning intelligence. Through this, you´ll receive smart news recommendation based on your reading. Each reader will have an individualised news feed based on his or her interests. Moreover, you can explore related articles that will fit to your interests. Also recommendations from experts in the community will help to read the hottest and most interesting news. Thereby you keep track of what the community animates.

On top, News Republic convinces with an extravagant design. Every story comes in a pleasant, clean and visual format with consistent fonts and layout.


What if …

Discuss hot news with friends

you could see how friends react to news? From now on, you directly can read what friends think about an article. Whether online or in real life: Feel free to disucss the topics with them. Enrich the community with your thoughts and thereby qualify to become an expert.
Whether its the latest US Headlines, the World News, Global Finance, Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Technology or even the joke of the day: Do not miss out of any breaking news.


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News Republic

News Republic

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