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Once upon a time …

Es war einmal...

Big white snowflakes are falling. The chimney is glittering. It´s cozy inside. A three years old little child is sitting on the lap of her grandmother. The eyes wide open. While drinking a hot chocolate, the little child listens curious and fascinated.

„Once upon a time…“, the grandmother is narrating.

Those popular three words are most often responsible for early childhood memories.

After all, we had this fascination for stories from childhood on. But what exactly fascinates us at stories?


The Homo Sapiens is a Homo Narratius


Reading Books

Humans love to tell stories. They tell stories according to desire and mood. After all, humans are social beings. They are gossiping, waffling, messaging, blogging or writing. The amount of stories is overwhelming. Every day, humans have infinite stories to share.

Thereby, it doesn´t matter if those stories are in spoken or written language. Narration is omnipresent. They can be found in legends, fables, fairytales, short novels, tragedies, dramas or comedies. In short: Stories are omnipresent in every place, every society and every time. There has never been a nation without stories.


Stories = Identification and emotions 



Stories are popular because of their anticipating structure. In the beginning, there is a problem, the middle surprises with some incidents that often lead to the famous happy end. Additionally, every story has a hero, with whom we can identify. We empathize with the hero and take his side. The audience experiences vividly, how the hero takes on dangerous challenges and thereby solves the problem. This will increase the tension and emotions take control over rationality: We laugh, we cry, we marvel and we thrill with the characters of a story. The Gebrüder Grimm already have met great success with this principle.

Today, Hollywood proves how promising this principle is. On top, even our daily life shows that telling stories has great success.

After all, everybody is narrating.

This can be the son, who is telling about his football training or the mother, who explains, how stressfull her day was. Even grandparents love to fantasise about their golden times.


Stories explain the world: Simple and sensual


Die Welt: Bunt und lustvoll

Stories make the world more colourful and happy. As long as the world moves on and people are living on the planet earth, as long there will be stories. Stories are passed on by humans. This can be characterised as a long tradition with sense.

Narrations help to deal with experiences. They also classify them.

Moreover, narrations serve as explanation. Finally, the central element of a story is change. The initial situation is different from the final state, in which the hero finds himself. The middle part bridges the gap and explains the change.

This principle is also used in our daily life.

For example: The daughter has gained weight during her study abroad term in Australia. The family asks for reasons. As a consequence, the daughter begins to tell about the culinary refinements and describes the different eating patterns.


The modern life is hectic – Do we still have time for stories?


Hectic Lifestyle

The modern life is versatile and people are more occupied than ever. How much are we dreaming of a little bit of spare time in order to read a good book?

How good would that be? To simply dive into a completely new world, leave the hectic behind and release from all the burden of the daily life.

Unfortunately, we often have too less time for those little escapes. Is our modern life taking control over our stories? Are we in a serious dilemma?


Audible – Everyday life with a dose of adventure


The adventure begins

Audible exemplifies how stories can be integrated in our daily life. Audible lets us submerge into our favourite story at any time and place: Whether its during sports, while cooking or on the way to work with the car, bus or train. With Audible we have more time for our beloved stories, that we always wanted to read.

An extra-topping: Our everyday life will be accompanied by exciting adventures and thereby will become an adventure for itself.


Unbeatable selection of audiobooks

The selection of books at Audible is rigorous: The Audible app offers more than 200.000 soundtracks of many different genres. From thriller, crime and science fiction to novels, comedy and science till politics and nonfiction: Audible is considered to be the worldwide leader with his wide choice of radio play, audio books, audio magazines and english audio books.


More time for cosiness with Audible



For many people, being read a story is the incarnation of warmth and cosiness. Audible has the potential to create this feeling at every time and place. This reminds at our childhood on the lap of grandmother when we fascinatedly listened to our grandmothers stories till she ended with the words:

„… and they all lived happily ever after.”





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