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Six simple ways to save money

Its the end of month. The pocket is nearly empty. Friends are asking you out for dinner this evening. But you can´t. Otherwise the money would not last till the next salary comes. You are sacrificing and adjusting your lifestyle. We probably all know how to save money by sacrificing. It´s effective, but painful. The following tips will show you some painless ways in order to save some money.

1. Be healthy

Be healthy

People that are in a good shape can save a lot of money. They will not visit the doctor or buy medicaments very often. A further bonus: You´ll feel better and are full of energy.


2. Auto insurance

Auto insurance

Fully comprehensive cover or partially comprehensive? This decision will save you lots of money. An older car for example is less likely to be fully comprehensive covered. Additionally, it´s useful to compare the different auto insurance quotes. This can be done online within minutes. Another possibility is to annually ask for discounts at the auto insurance of origin.


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3. Three in one

Three in one

The cost for Internet, cable and phone are one of the biggest monthly expenses. The major providers have many discounts to offer. Especially when you obtain all three services from one provider. This is called a triple play. On top: It´s convenient to just get a single bill.


4. Prepaid card instead of phone contract

Prepaid card

Admittedly, you can save a small fortune with prepaid cell phones. You don´t have to commit to long-term contracts. Prepaid plans are similar to contracts. They also have attractive combis of messaging, telephone and mobile data flat.


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5. Online shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping is often less expensive. It´s easy to directly compare products with each other concerning their price. On top: Online retailers often offer promo codes, discounts or coupons.


6. Pay attention to deals

Pay attention to deals

Promo codes, discounts and coupons are one of the quickest ways to save money while shopping. Well, these deals change regularly and you have to act fast. To beware an overview of all those special deals can be really hard.


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Why you should not pay the full price!

Why you should not pay the full price

Take advantage of huge discounts and sales at top retail stores. The award-winning app RetailMeNot makes it easy to save money with plenty of deals at your favourite stores and restaurants. Nevermore, you will loose the overview. The app has all the online codes and printable coupons you need to save a little fortune. You will never forget a coupon again. Cutting out of coupons is passé.


RetailMeNot – Save everywhere at anytime

Deals nearby

The app offers deals from more than 50,000 retailers. You can select your favourite stores and view all the deals in one place. Find nearby deals and instore offers. Additionally, automatic alerts at the mall will tell you about current hot deals nearby. Reminders will draw your attention to the expiration date of a deal so that you never miss out again. Finally, the app is accessible from any device.


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