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Benefits of going on an adventure

Going an adventure

And so the adventure begins …


1. Dirt improves our pyhsical health

Dirt improves our health

Scientists have shown that our obsession with tidiness leads to a rise in allergies. Dirt strenghtens your immune system. This means: Going on an adventure is related to getting dirty. The consequence: We will become healthier.

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2. No age limits – #goexplore

Go explore

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Adventure has no age limits. You can stick with that activity for your whole life. Just stay curious about life and our planet earth.

3. Hiking grows your brain

Hiking grows your brain

Scientists have shown that hiking or walking grows brains. As soon as you leave the mid fifties behind, your hippocampus will get smaller. However, a study has shown that already a forty-minute walk a week for a year long grows the brain on average by two percent. Doing this for years, will raise your mental fitness.


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4. Raise your tolerance for uncertainty

Tolerance for uncertainty

An adventure trip usually will not pass by as originally planned. Adventure means facing an unusual experience which also can be a bit risky and unsure in its outcome. People that are going on an adventure learn to cope with uncertainties in life. This tolerance for uncertainty will make them calmer in their everyday life.


5. Foster reflectiveness

Foster reflectiveness

Reflectiveness is in a short supply today. Our everyday life is stuffed with busy things. The days pass by without any significance. We are not really mentally attached to it. However, our adventures are important and pleasant memories. In busy and hectic times we love to indulge in those golden adventure days and thereby have a little escape from daily life. Additionally, reminiscing our adventures ever and ever again will lead to the capability that we can learn something from them.


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6. Feed your dreams and build your confidence

Feed your dreams

The editor of the National Geographic Traveler Magazine described the cycle of travelling in a certain way: Dream, Plan, Go and Share.

No matter how you would describe travelling for yourself, one is sure: Discovering marvellous nature spots can be totally addictive.
Experiencing just one spot is not enough. Your soul and your body will soon call for more. Each time you go, you will change. You steadily build your confidence through travelling. With each travel adventure, you challenge yourself a bit more. Your dreams begin to grow and your soul is calling for more adventures: Live at the edge will become your motto. Could the fifth step of the travel cycle be called: DREAM BIGGER? So go out and explore, dream and discover.

7. Try out on alternate lives – Discover yourself

Sky diving

During your adventure trip you can live far beyond your own borders. Most likely, you live totally different than in the everyday life. This means that adventure trips may lead to you having a cold outdoor shower, sleeping under the stars or wearing the same clothes nearly a week long.
Maybe you are daring activities that you would not have tried out back home? What about skydiving or bungee jumping? Your travels will let you discover a new side of yourself so that you get to know yourself a little bit deeper.


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8. Worldwide network

Worldwide network

Exciting moments and brave adventurous days will become longlasting memories. Most often, you share those outstanding memories with people that you just have met. In the shortest of time, they will be as close as your good friends from home. Through travelling, you establish a worldwide network. Maybe you meet someone at the other side of the world who is not living far away from your city. Back home you can meet each other and indulge in old memories. Moreover, new travel options may arise. Visit your norwegian friend that you have met in New Zealand in his own hometown.


Wild World – Get wild and share your adventures

Discover awesome adventures

Wild World is an online community for outdoor enthusiasts. At Wild World you can share your wildest and most adventurous experiences. Connect with other cool people, discover and like their awesome adventures and get inspired by their fun experiences.


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Wild World – Create your gear story

Create your own gear story

At Wild World people that share pictures can tag their gear they used during an adventure trip. When sharing your own photos, tag your gear and tell the community which boots you used for hiking and with which fishing rud you caught your biggest fish. When discovering photos in this fast growing online community, you may even save the gear you own or want. This will give you some good inspiration of new and useful gear. Additionally, you may compare pricing and reviews of the gear. Benefit from Wild World and get exclusive access to upcoming promotions.

Share your gear story to inspire others and show off every scrach, what is an onther symbol for your great and adventurous lifestyle.


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