10 interesting facts about Kim Kardashian – Test yourself!


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How much do you know about Kim Kardashian? Are you a real Kardashian expert?

Kim modeling

1. When Kim grew up, she wanted to become a teacher. Dreams have changed and today Kardashian is a popular model, actress, entrepreneur and star of the reality show „Keeping up with the Kardashians“.

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2. A sponsor who wants Kim to tweet about their product has to pay a little fortune. She makes $10.000 per Tweet. What a good salary, when you take into consideration that a tweet only has 140 signs.


Neverland Ranch

3. Kim Kardashian celebrated her 14th birthday at the Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch.


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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

4. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are good old friends. They already went to pre-school together.


Lindsay Lohan

5. Before Kim Kardashian found worlwide fame, she worked as a stylist for some notable stars such as Lindsay Lohan or Brandy.


Vintage Vogue

6. Guess from where Kim Kardashian gets her inspiration. She collects vintage Vogue and Harper´s Bazaar Magazines.

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Google search

7. Kim Kardashian has been the most googled person in 2008. Thereby she has beat Britney Spears, which has held the title for four years.


Jennifer Lopez idol

8. Her idol is Jennifer Lopez. They already have similar body types, so she´s getting closer. What Kim is saying about Jennifer Lopez? „Everyone knows that I absolutely live for her. There´s never a time she looks bad!“


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George Clooney

9. With whom would you like to strand on an island? Kim Kardashian definitely would choose George Clooney.


Kim Kardashian reality star

10. That´s absolutely stunning. Kim Kardashian is considered to be the highest earning reality TV star in the history of the world.


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So, how many facts did you already know?

Are you a Kardashian expert?

I knew all ten -> You´re a Kim Kardashian freak.

I knew up to seven -> You have a notable knowledge of Kim Kardashian.

I knew up to five -> You are well informed.

I knew less then five -> You could expand your knowledge.


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