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Mary´s beginning lovestory – Hulu TV & Movies

Flight back to New York

I was on my flight from L.A. back to New York. Five hours in the plane can be extremely boring. I literally had nothing to do: No book, no conversation, no nothing. A very attractive man sitting next to me had started laughing. He must be watching a comedy serie on his tablet. „Lucky man“, I thought. He is unbelievable good-looking and on top of that, he has some entertainment during this flight. „How can I start a conversation with him or get his number?“, I was wondering. Normally, I am not an extroverted person but boringness was killing me. I was encouraged by my boredom and asked what he was watching. „This is Orange Is the New Black“, the man told me very open-hearted.

This question should turn out to change my lonely single life.


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His name was Alex …

His name was Alex

… he was good-looking, charming and extremely intelligent.

We fell into a funny and deep conversation at the same time. He was different to the others. His intelligence and entertaining talent made him more sexy than he already was.

Alex: „Well, I´m flying very often and Hulu is my best partner. I even go to bed with Hulu.“

Mary: „What the hell is Hulu?“

Alex: „It´s the reason why you are bored during your flight and I´m not. Well, actually I´m just using it to get the attention of some pretty girls like you. ;)“

Mary: „Hahaha are you that desperate?“
Conversation during the flight

Alex: „Of course not. I have Hulu. 😀 Well, let me explain it to you. With the Hulu app on my tablet, I can watch premium original series, TV shows, clips, movies and other streaming media. It´s as entertaining as I am. 😉

Mary: „I think you are even more entertaining :D. Only problem is, that I do not have a tablet.“

Alex: No worries, you can even download the app on your smartphone. And you know what? The name Hulu has two meanings at the same time. This is quiet interesting. It comes from an ancient Chinese proverb and describes somebody who is the holder of precious things. The second meaning is „interactive recording“. Both meanings highly fit to the mission of Hulu.“


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Mary: „Are you a secret advertising agent by Hulu?“

Alex: „Hahaha no, don´t worry. But I like to be informed about things that I find interesting. So what about you, tell me more about yourself and the purpose of your flight.“


Hulu the love talisman – three months later

Banner Hulu

Alex and Mary are dating. It seems as they are going to have a serious relationship. Their favourite activity in the evening?

Eating chocolate ice-cream in bed and watching ´Orange is the New Black´ on Hulu.

In a way, Hulu brought those two people together.


The Office, Prison Break, Miami Vice – Premium content by Hulu 

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Well, not everybody will find his or her next love with the helpf of Hulu but Hulu will help you to find and enjoy the world´s most premium content, where, when and how you want it. Whether hit shows, movies or clips: Hulu provides an outstanding selection of premium programmes across all genres and format. Current and very popular primetime shows are The Office, Prison Break, Bionic Woman or TV episodes such as Miami Vice or Arrested Development.

Partners such as E!Entertainment, FUEL TV, SciFi Network and USA Networks help Hulu to grow their collection of premium programming.


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