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Life should be diverse and exciting

Outgoing Lifestyle

Today´s society mainly is a consumer driven society. It is quiet normal to go out with friends after work, to have dinner or a few drinks together. On the weekend, people love to do some shopping or other relaxing activities such as getting a massage.

Admittedly, such an outgoing lifestyle can be very expensive.
While keeping a good eye on the work-life balance, we also should pay attention to our spending and saving balance.

Having a high lifestyle standard while saving money sounds paradox. A great range of vouchers solves this paradox situation. Vouchers are right there to delight people and to save their bank account from breaking.


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3…2…1… WOWcher

WOWcher deals

The WOWcher app offers great local deals everyday on your mobile device.
WOWcher usually gives you between 50 and 80% off the normal price.
Enjoy a last minute spa weekend, a massage or a facial. With WOWcher you receive things to do, see, eat and buy to a bargain price.

Using WOWcher is easy. After buying a discount voucher at a fixed price, you can enjoy all the benefits that were listed in the deal right away. WOWcher offers new things each day that are featured at a bargain price.

Therefore, it is useful to check the WOWcher app day by day in order to find great shopping, travel or local deals. A WOWcher deal is always just one click away and will beware your cool and diverse lifestyle.


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WOW – Leave an impression with WOWcher

Make an impression with WOWcher

The next friday is coming closer and you have an important appointment. Better said, you´ll date somebody and aim to make an impression on that person. With WOWcher you will be enabled to have the date in a luxury restaurant, where you will enjoy an exclusive meal without having the fancy price tag. One is sure: This date will be unforgettable.


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Globetrotter deals with WOWcher

Traveling with WOWcher

Travelling is one of the most beloved and exciting free time activities. Travelling makes people become more curious for new things, it connects humans and opens their horizon. WOWcher provides some great and diverse travel deals that will suit everybody´s travel taste. Simply get some inspiration in the WOWcher daily deals and get packing soon.


WOWcher is the perfect shopping partner

WOWcher a perfect shopping partner

A good advice especially for women: Always have the WOWcher app with you when shopping. The app gives you access to 100s of money saving bargains, exclusive sales and discount vouchers. Find some inspiration for a gift with WOWcher or treat yourself with a massage or stylish haircut.


Deals never felt this good – How it works?

Five simple steps

Five simple steps are needed to get you to the WOWcher deal.

1. Get the app
2. Browse through the 100s of discount vouchers
3. Buy a voucher
4. Redeem it
5. Enjoy!


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variety of deals







        • get deal alerts via mail
        • between 50 - 80 % off
        • great offers & prices


        • no facility to put deal to favourites

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