Battery life – When the juice is running low…

Battery saver - 99% left

Having 99 per cent of battery on your smartphone is rare.

More common: Your smartphone battery is running slow. There is not much juice left as you have taken too many pictures or have been too active on Snapchat. You are worrying about how long you can manage without phone as you really urgently have to call your mother in the next hours. Once you arrived in a restaurant or shopping outlet, you start scanning room by room for charging options. Who has encountered this scenario yet? Low battery is always annoying. It seems as if somebody constantly is stealing your battery life, although your phone is in flight mode or you might have closed all the apps in order to avoid background processes.


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I´m gonna catch´em all – Pokémon Go fever

Pokémon Go - Battery consumption

Have you also caught fever from the Pokémon Go sensation? If so, you will definitely have  experienced that there is a technological issue concerning the massive battery consumption. It is impossible to catch them all when your battery is down.

However, to save battery and to extend your gaming time you might try out some strategies of how to save battery. Possible strategies could be activating the in-app battery saver, turning off the music and sound effects as well as Bluetooth, wifi and the augmented reality feature. You also might turn down your phone screen´s brightness. An exciting find is that you can walk with your phone upside down to save battery. While turning the phone upside down with the app open, the screen will darken but the game will still count your steps and alert you with vibrations if any Pokémon appears.

Admittedly, all these strategies might be useful, but as they save you some battery, they also will reduce your gaming experience. Therefore, they can be more or less considered as being half solutions.


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Who wins? – Battle of the batteries

The battle of the batteries

To be or not to battery: When it comes to purchasing a new phone, the battery is one of the most important key difference maker. A recent stress test between the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 has shown which phone wins the battle of the batteries.

The iPhone SE has been the clear winner. According to the Wall Street Journal, it managed 10 hours with uniform brightness. All in all, it has been over two hours better than the iPhone 6s and also achieved nearly a three-hour lead over the Galaxy S7.

However, we think there is another secret champion. We refer to a free battery saver app with which you will enjoy a worryless and exciting battery life of your smartphone. It is called: GO Battery Saver & Power Widget. It shows off its love to batteries and helps every battery to maximize its life. Thereby, smartphone users gain a better user experience and will have more joy with their phone.


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GO Battery Saver & Power Widget – Your solution to a longer life

Comparison battery saver

Finally, there is an app that will not consume your battery but will help to save it.

The GO Battery Saver & Power Widget is supposed to be the world´s best power manager with over 15 million downloads.

The app will extend your battery life in a sustainable way. Main features are the estimation of the remaining battery time as well as the indication of how much battery power will be extended if you shut down WiFi or Bluetooth.

With the app you just need one click to optimize your battery consumption. On top of that, the charging maintenance helps to keep the charging process safe and healthy.

With that intelligent app, you will keep your battery alive and you do not need to struggle with your battery life anymore.

In consequence: You may spend more time on snapchat, chatting with friends and of course chasing Pokémons in order to become the Pokémon master.


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GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

Improves battery performance


    Consumption tracking


      intelligent charge



        • optimize daily power consumption
        • find most power consumption apps
        • cool down phone


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