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The sun is burning, it´s unbelievable warm outside. You feel sluggish and you just want to relax somewhere near the water with a cool drink. Working on a highly efficient and productive level is nearly impossible. This not only applies for humans but also for our smartphone apps. They are likewise suffering in the heat as we are. On top of that, they do not have the ability to sweat. Therefore, phones have a hard time when it is hot outside.

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Have you already noticed, that your smartphone and all the apps are running slower during the summer months?


Does summertime means warm weather, long days and sluggish apps?


Why hotter days mean sluggish apps

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One reason for that is the heat sensibility of processors. The hotter they are, the slower they will run. Processors need to reduce the power usage in order to prevent overheating.

Easy to remember: The hotter a phone gets, the more sluggish it will become. Additionally, features such as the screen´s backlight, mobile data or the GPS chip all generate warmth, which means the more intense somebody uses its phone, the hotter it gets.


It is all about latency

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Latency is another keyword when it comes to the question why apps are more sluggish in summer. Latency is considered as the time it takes to load app features. This refers to the amount of time a host or a server needs to receive and process data as well as to send data back to the host device.

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Furthermore, latency is directly linked to the spreading of radio waves. Increasing humidity or water vapor weakens the waves, especially at higher frequency bands. This means: Humidity causes a reduction in signal strength. Therefore, data is delivered more slowly to a smartphone or webpage. Also a higher complexity of an app or website will lead to a longer waiting period.


What to do?

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However, app developers aim to keep their users satisified the year round, they can apply a few things in order to reduce the summer latency.

A perfect example is Instagram´s photo uploading process. As users upload a photo in Instagram, they are busy choosing a filter. Latency will not attract the user´s attention. Moreover, developer can transfer essential features to an offline mode. Thereby, the app has no need to connect to the Internet and will not face any radio wave issues.
So whenever you find yourself in warm areas also think about giving your phone a break and keep it cool.

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