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New York is …


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… a city of dreams and opportunities.
… a melting pot with different ethnicities.
… a city of taste and smell.


Finishing the sentence „New York is“ is a sentence, that is hard to finish. New York has much to offer.

Remember that song „Empire state of mind“ by JAY-Z and Alicia Keys when it says „New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There´s nothin´you can´t do“.

They are right, New York is considered to be a mindblowing and inspiring city. In terms of food and drinks, there is also nothing you can´t have. New Yorks dining scene can be characterised by one word: Infinity. Well, maybe two words: Infinite divers.

Hanging wine glasses

And who is trying to unite all the diverse food offers?

UberEATS has taken on the challenge to put the best local food offers all in one place, while making it  easily accessible to their customers. Thereby UberEATS illustrates its innovative gene by staffing the new booming market niche of food delivery. UberEATS lets you order dishes from your favourite restaurants that traditionally don´t deliver. This means: Premium food will be delivered right to your doorstep.


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10 things, the New York dining scence does better than anywhere else


There is probably no place in the world, you could compare to the New York dining scene. People could spend they´re entire life with eating and drinking without facing all of it.

 Dining scene

The culinaric culture of New York is not just so rich because of the sheer quantity, there are many reasons, why this city is such a culinaric food paradise.


 1. Food availability: 24 hours. Seven days a week. 365 days a year.

 Food available 24 hours a day

In short: You will never walk hungry through the streets of New York. In terms of food,  you always can get what you want and when you want to have it. Most restaurans are open till eleven p.m. or midnight. There are many late-night eateries and 24-hours restaurants. New York feeds it´s people from sunrise to sunset and sunrise again.


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2. Burgers

Burger preparation

The origin of the hamburger – the US´s most beloved staple food – is a mystery. However, there is a reason for assuming that the hamburger has its origin in New York. In 1837 the New York based eatery Delmonico´s offered – probably as the very first – this dish in its debut menu. Today, there are heaps of versions of this staple food and with all this variations New York proves its supremacy in this area.


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3. Cocktails


The cocktail hype is spreading all over America and it came from New York. People as Dale DeGroff reinvented the art of drinking back in the ´80s, when people were drinking vodka or bottled mixes. Bars and pubs like Angel´s Share, Milk & Honey or Pegu Club have been avantgardistic in this area and pushed the cocktail tradition forward. Today New York blows our mind off with new and impressive variations on the theme of cocktails.


 4. BrunchBrunch

Amsterdam Avenue at 86th Street in New York: This is the origin of the brunch tradition. The omnipresent New York brunch evolutionized from the Upper West Side delicatessen Barney Greengrass. Especially sunday brunch is a tempting ritual in New York. What is better than to take a long, leisurely meal with hot and cold food, accompanied with company and senseful conversations. As expected, there are brunch locals for everybody: For families, for people that like to read the Sunday Times in relaxed and silent atmosphere or for the  ones that prefer a casual and pretty informal brunch experience.


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5. Chinese cuisineSushi raw cucumber

Admittedly, every big city has a Chinatown. But the New York City Chinatown is the largest one in the Western hemisphere. It´s coming up with Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hong Kong and Fuzhou cuisine.  There will be always a new dish to discover.


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6. Pastrami


Pastrami is a meat product, normally made from beef but sometimes from pork, mutton or turkey.

This dish, what has been invented in Romania has been established in New York and many locals and global tourists are attracted by Pastrami. Pastrami stands for a taste of classic New York. Especially the restaurant „Jewish deli“ is popular for its Pastrami. It became the anchor and representative dish for Jewish deli.


7. Bagels


Polish Jews were bringing the bagels to New York. They baked the ring in a coal-oven in the Lower East Side and layered them with lox. Bagels became a popular icon for New York and in this category New York is also dominating.


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8. Italian cuisinePasta

New York really benefits from its different ethnics. Italian immigrants have not just established Little Italy as the heart for italian cuisine, they also have attached a big value to italian food. Numerous well-respected restaurants are situated throughout New York City.


9. PizzaSlice of Pizza

Pizza is also a hot topic in New York. When you are in New York, it probably will happen that somebody asks for your opinion on pizza. You could be asked for the best late-night slice, for the best pies, the best new-school Neapolitan pizza or where you might find a good sicilian version of classic pizza. Make sure, you never say something bad about New York pizza. Negative opinions will not be accepted by proud locals.


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 10. New Yorks dining scene is diverse, exciting and rich on variation

The structure in food

New York has a great variety in terms of eating and drinking. Thanks to the New York melting pot – the encounter of so many cultures – people can eat and drink something from nearly every nation on this planet. Can you think of another city in the world that can claim that?

Ready to explore the New York dining scene? Try it out with UberEATS!


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